What is the Creative Block?

(a) a day blocked out to just be creative, and

(b) the theme of the session. We'll be exploring what gets in our way of our creativity, and how we overcome it to create art.

Why do this?

Bad Decisions Collective was originally started as a community of creatives sharing our work, creative struggles, and looking for opportunities to grow our artistic pursuits together. We’re getting back to our roots and organizing a creative session.
We have a lot of creative friends who do dope shit. We want to connect people to foster the creative community in Boston and to make art that we might not ordinarily make, combining ideas and perspectives we might not ordinarily combine.
We feel strongly that space to explore new, weird ideas and create without fear and judgement is super important.

This is our attempt to establish that creative environment.

How will this work?

We’re not entirely sure – we want to keep it loose, un-constrained, and we want to go on this journey with you all.

But here are some ideas we had to make this session great ->

  • Introductions, including what drives each of us to create.
  • Discussion: How do you get creatively blocked? What drives that block?
  • Sharing: Show us something you’re working on, or an idea you want to explore during the session
  • Form groups, combine or dissect ideas, go into a corner and work an idea out – whatever drives you.
  • Create. We’ll have stations for production, songwriting, recording ideas, discussions, and taking breaks.
  • Come back together and share what was created and discuss what we want to do to bring those ideas across the finish line!
We're targeting our first session for September 21, 2019

Interested? Just want to know more? Hit us here.