MIddlesex Lounge

Dynamic & bustling lounge with eclectic bites where underground DJs spin dance music.


We had to kill the music and stop the dancing. Yes obviously we also laying low too. Facts are that January was extra slow and February through May are usually the busiest months for us as well as most food and drink establishments. Real talk is not every place will make it out on the other side of this.

How to Support

We have added eGift Cards via @toasttab. This isn’t a donation nor a hand out, it’s about pledging support for us now in good faith so we can have a future. If you’re a friend near or far please consider buying a gift card for yourself or another friend. The low key bonus would be that when you pay via gift card, the crew will know you’re a real one and be grateful 🙏 it’s good to be friends with the crew.

Middlesex Lounge Gift Cards