Good Life Boston

Good Life is a full restaurant and nightclub in downtown Boston.


Friends. Good Life has joined the many restaurants, bars, lounges and clubs across the Commonwealth and other states now effected by the COVID-19 virus. We support the Governor & Mayors decision to cease operations but unfortunately that leaves a heavy void for our family of employees that solely rely on their wages from this establishment for survival. In the 15 years we have resided in downtown crossing, we built everything from the inside out. The foundation of Good Life is truly our employees. The fabric they have created throughout the years are the relationships with each other and the relationships forged with you – our customer, our extended family.

There’s a lot of people that have put their heart and soul into this place and do not have any other source of income.

How to Support

We have set up a fund for the employees of Good Life hoping to distribute any donations equally amongst the staff while we wait for things to get better. If you have enjoyed anything that we have done in the past, please consider offering a donation in order to ensure our staff has some financial stability. Honestly, even the smallest amount can help. We know everyone is feeling the blowback of this pandemic and we know that it’s not just our employees that have fallen on hard times.

We humbly ask for your help because we are not willing to let the dream of Good Life perish in the wake of these trying times. Anything can help…even if it’s just $5.