Divine Wrath

A creative powerhouse that expresses itself through sound, visual, and product. manifested through deep ancestor work, divine wrath is the ultimate embodiment of a wholeness that exists beyond binaries, beyond suffering. a dedication to the power within queer, black, indigenous community. may we find freedom through the shadows.


The pandemic has impacted Divine Wrath dramatically as market vendor events have been cancelled and the creator has had to cancel plans for creating content connected to collaborating with models, videographers, photographers. The creator is a queer Afro-Dominican from the hood whose livelihood relies on the well-being of this content, and has had to funnel funds and efforts towards survival needs while having no other income.

How to Support

The creator offers gratitude to anyone willing to support by: 1. Purchasing Divine Wrath merchandise 2. Sharing Divine Wrath content and continuing to support the brand on social media. 3. Make donations to support artist’s survival needs during this time.

Website: divinewrath.online

Venmo: @divinewrath